EMX 8.0 Buildcode Contents - last update 01.04.2016



Fixed Issues




#3691 Show result depending on selected unit from radiog group in model size Dialog

#3665 PCS - Sprue Bushings: Add Series "A" and "Extensions", Update Series "B" and "U"

#3604 Prevent user from entering prefixes and postfixes which are too long

#3516 SelectTrimSurfaceDialog is too slim

#3496 If placed a Guide or pin with shoulder is a countersink needed for every used plate

#3495 Add option to use a snap ring E1575 with Meusburger Guide E1110

#3470 Several material file are missing the MASS_DENSITY value

#3404 Add missing HASCO component: Angular Pin Z010

#3399 While Changing Component Type via Mold Base Definition Dialog defined dimensions get lost and need to be redefined

#3253 Check the Special Shape Functionality in Plate Dialog

#3210 Parameters in Structure Plates

#3207 Multi Cavity Dialog: Automatically save copied cavity assemblies after creation process

#3028 Configuration: Spaces in EMX_USER_CONFIG_PATH cause configurations to load only partially

#1121 Add a 4th column with values between 0 and 1 in file color_definition.cfg to define a certain transparency for the tech-colors





#3747 Inch decimal value 1.190 is transformed by accident to 1-No10 in Support Pillar Dialog

#3744 If a Parameter from type PRO_PARAM_BOOLEAN exist, do not overwrite it if the values fit already

#3732 The function "Finish Project" does not remove all suppressed plate features

#3719 Materilafile P20 used in all LKM-plates is missing in components/mm/material

#3718 SPR 5317415 Position of EMX_CAVITY_REFPLANE_FH" and "EMX_CAVITY_REFPLANE_MH is wrong

#3716 SPR Task: 5317417: The location of EMX_CAVITY_REFPLANE_FH and EMX_CAVITY_REFPLANE_MH in skeleton is not correct for lkm_pin_ponit_gate or lkm_three_plate_type moldbase

#3711 Wrong values in Hasco Z11 comp_data.txt

#3707 Feature PRYSLOT2 in plate_5_is template was stored in resumed state.

#3614 Mulity Cavity: While Copying components with Multi Cavity material properties are not copied as well

#3609 Bill of Material does not show drawings when working with PDMLink

#3608 The Function IsNumeric was corrected

#3605 Strack Z51 side interlock can cause collision in practical

#3600 SPR Task 5258835: Creo Parametric 3.0 exits prematurely when selecting Assembly Definition in specific assembly in EMX 9.0

#3591 Inch plates display annotations in metric style

#3585 In Component Editor no Reference can be added to component

#3565 When searching for dependent Refgroups in DeleteIn3D the search algorithm needs to be checked

#3561 String param_value_for_err is missing in gui_messages

#3532 Meusburger Toplock E1310 does not regenerate

#3521 EMX Main Assembly is erased from memory when: Assembly e.g. top lock, assembled predefined screws, delete top lock again

#3519 Mouse ear diameter is not written to skeleton model, missing when loading receipts

#3490 INCH LKM Top Locks are not defined correctly

#3478 Components: Hasco top interlock Z051 has incorrect values

#3472 Mold Base size Information is only read while change size but not when leaving and reentering the Dialog -> Screws are not correctly preselected

#3469 Crash while changing mold base size in Moldbase Definition Dialog

#3457 Drawing areas in Mold Base Definition Dialog can not be found correctly for some screen resolutions

#3456 Mold Base Definition Dialog: Centering Sleeves changes length will mold base size is changed

#3453 In case an instance in compdata.txt contains a column SIZE the SetzeMasse() function writes this value into the SIZE Parameter from parameter.cfg

#3447 EMX Bill of Materials (BOM), Incorrect filled Parameter PART_NO, PROJECTNAME, PROJECTPREFIX and SAP_BOM_NAME

#3446 Bill of Materials: Hide all summarized components when toggling visibility status of parent line

#3445 EMX Bill of Materials (BOM), Change Parameter at Main Assembly

#3444 SPR Task: 5191260: ANSI standard screws inserted in Expert Moldbase assembly displays dimensions in ISO standards.

#3443 SPR: 5191143 Unexpected Group "AUTO_LIBTHREAD" in library parts after assembling assembly from library with cutout

#3442 Lifter does not accept negative offset values one patterns with even numbers 2,4,6 etc.)

#3437 Slider Component Dialog Resizes when changing Type

#3431 Cooling Meusburger E2002 missing dimension DM3 and M

#3408 While deleting Rails from plate stack and rails are assembled in SubAsm, second model of rails is not deleted from model

#3388 EMXParameterLoeschen: No Parameters will be deleted

#3386 Ejector pin length is to long when defining multi ejector pins with EMX Option ENABLE_MULTI_EJP

#3385 Mutli ejectors are NOT created when defined on multi points for predefined ejector pins

#3377 Inch components have wrong unit system (IPS) Inch-Pound-Seconds instead of Creo default Inch-Lbm-Seconds

#3372 Material syntax in DME plate files has wrong syntax missing "1."

#3371 Material files are missing the MASS_DENSITY value

#3369 Plate parameters filled from size-files are not applied to the 2nd model of the rail

#3337 For PxC only: when saving current model name in refgroup, it will not work for cooling components

#3319 URGENT - File for DME plates is missing all the instances.

#3286 The Locating Ring offset is reset to 0 when changing the type

#3281 Slider does not accept negative offset values

#3280 Crash while Redefine Point Reference with cooling components already assembled

#3254 Wrong reference in BOM after switching HASCO side interlocks Z07/Z17.

#3245 "Select Ejector Pin owner model" does not work in case group with EJP_ORIENT_SYSTEM already exists in model

#3242 EMX 9.0 F003: PCS 1114A-17-17 Mold Base (INCH)

#3068 EMX option USE_41_SCREWPIN_PREDEFINE does not work

#2616 Components: Errors in PCS inch mold bases, add additional PCS, Progressive and DME components

#974 C11810411/SPR2208154: EMX option "AUTO_REASSEMBLE_ALL_TYPES" doesn't work for library component.





#3064 Calculate Interference needs not be improved e.g. display while zoom and rotate

#2989 Redefine of constraints for trimmed ejector pins assembled "As Copy" does not work problerly

#2964 Set default of ENABLE_NONE_CATALOG_PLATES to YES

#2963 Review the OLH Document for the Waterline Designer

#2937 Value length of the EMX Parameters should be limited by the property "Format" in the EMX dialogs

#3227 Angled UDF's to place Angled Pins

#3218 Artikelnummer ERP-System in Stückliste anführen

#3214 Need the extra 2D symbols for blade and tubular ejector pins

#3193 Add missing meusburger hoistring E1272

#3134 Verify T1 counterbore depth for Z31 and Z32 flat head screws

#3118 Add missing instances of ejector KNARR 38188

#3091 Redefine cooling UDF cool_thread_single_cb_chamfer.gph to be able to create the chamfer corectly also on angled bores

#3001 Check and correct customized Meusburger top interlocks

#3000 Add special name for ejector pins with Autolength option to indicate they need to be manufactured

#2970 Add components STRACK guide screw R1031

#2936 EMX Option EMX_CHECK_DWG_TYPES doesn't work properly

#2801 Allow predefinition of checkbutton KeepSizeAndPattern

#1814 Enable new axis-placement for Anglepin E1032 lässt sich nützlich platzieren

#1001 Enable display of size-content like this X=xx Y=yy Z=zz





#3129 Meusburger Flansch hat nicht alle Bemassungen zum Auswählen verfügbar

#3120 Windchill/EMX: Check out Window appears multiple times in BOM

#3116 D2-Diameter for HASCO Bushing Z10 is 47.5 mm instead of 48 mm

#3108 Waterline Designer: Crash: Open Waterline Designer > Edit Component in Dialog > Close WaterlineDesigner > Close Component Dialog

#3107 Waterline Designer: Not all Waterlines are found in EMX 9 tutorial assembly

#3105 Waterline Designer: Can not assemble cooling components with orientation surface reference

#3088 CALL12737990: Cooling comps are not assembled in the correct subassemblies

#3078 When clicking on the Lock/Unlock button in ther BOM the picture disappears

#3074 EMX does not consider Multipoint Features as reference if thn a MERGE-feature

#3068 EMX option USE_41_SCREWPIN_PREDEFINE does not work

#3063 Guide Bore in Meusburger Aufbau 446x396 ist 41.4 der Leader Pin dagegen hat 42

#3054 Interference check in Opening Mold Base Simulation does not work

#3039 Guide bushes are not displayed properly in the Mold Base Designer

#3034 When reading options, the system language is used instead of PRO_LANG-settings

#3029 Set Force and minLG for all springs to PULLDOWN instead of DISABLED

#2995 The handling of m_OptionPartner of Options defined in comp_data does not seem to work

#2984 Preview images for Meusburger Spruebushes do not match to the nominal values

#2983 Overview image for Meusburger ejectors with option "use as corepin" is wrong

#2971 WATERLINE_DESIGNER_XESC_CREATE only creates crosssections of the current working model

#2969 The Transmision from hasco fails from regenerating in EMX 9.0 M010

#2967 Do not modify Material and parameters for Standardparts (Windchill)

#2957 EMX crashes when manipulate models not checked out from commonspace

#2947 OFFSET value doesn't work for INCH ejectors. It works correctly in MM.

#2944 C12787001 Correct wrong guide and clampscrew pattern data in Futaba FG - using latest PDF catalog

#2934 Correct thread bore depth for E2100

#2933 Special character in message files like % or & must be escaped with %% or &&

#3240 Missing cuts when datum plane is used as placement ref for two screws

#3221 When redefine a cooling bore, the T1-value is written to the A-Value.

#3204 Rename Extracts in Classify Dialog does not work properly in MFG Mode

#3203 In Cavity Pattern Dialog entries like -0 and 0.123e-123 occur

#3201 EMX standard assembly Meusburger E1310 has wrong entries for the instances of the subcomponents in the comp_data files

#3195 Crash when modifying a plate thickness

#3189 When changing pulldown options with digits, value and description are written to value cell

#3184 Crash: In EMX Options change configuration and directly click "Modify"

#3159 Check EMX Option ADD_CUT_TO_FACE_OWNER

#3142 Library part is renamed with ending "_del"

#3137 Cannot created instances of hasco Z98 o-rings in component editor

#3135 EMX crash while modfication of assemblies if number of subcomp is smaller then number of assembly instances

#3123 Unit factor for OFFSET is not applied during Preview if moldbase and component (e.g. Screw) have different unit system ( MM and INCH)

#3122 When using 3+1 pattern in P-Plates while guide components are assembled, cuts will miss on second guide scheme later

#3121 Part GUIDE_6.prt in INCH has the REF_PLANE on the wrong side of the lock

#3117 Cooling Components Modify: Crash of EMX if second orientation plane has wrong orientation

#3110 Predefined blade ejector in part mode with certain ref angle e.g. 67 > The cuts out are created mirrored

#3109 In Creo 3 in case slider assembly has errors and delete it with "Remove Component" complete mold base assembly is eraesed from session

#3106 Cannot archive all instances of ASMs in Component Editor

#3089 Consider negative regenerated dims when updating plate dims

#3085 Din 6325 pin with blind hole crashes Creo or doesn't create the cutout

#3073 EMX Library Delete Nominal dimension does not delete all entries from table --> Can cause crash when try to re-enter table entry

#3072 Calculate Clamping Force functionality crashes with traceback.log

#3046 EMX crashes if Sprue Bush was defined via MoldbaseDesigner, then directly deleted afterwards with RMB and Again try to open the Sprue Bush Dialog via Moldbase Designer

#3041 When components on patterns are edited to another instance via Mold Base Designer, it switches back to previous instance when entering dialog again.

#3033 For Ejector Guide Pins the first entry in list is a Guide Sleeve

#3030 The set screws from Meusburger (E1230) are created with a counterbore

#3005 Cooling UDF's in inches need an extra regeneration

#2992 Slider dialog box: While pushing preview button the image is not displayed properly

#2991 Meusburger Slider E3001 cut quilt does not contain the guide bars

#2987 "Merge with CSYS parent" does not work for Meusburger slider E3001

#2981 Ejector Base Plate thickness of DME B-Type is wrong for certain sizes

#2973 When assembling Z25 pins from Hasco Creo goes in the Failure mode

#2950 Description and Value of EMX Options get mixed up in EMX Option dialog box

#2935 Automatic names for Cavity plates in EMX 8.0 M024 are inconsistent for IS and AS plates

#2888 SPR4805522: Unexpected behaviors for spring update

#2883 When working with auto-subassemblies and redefine components with RMB, they are not replaced properly

#2793 Material file cannot be found when setting the Option MATERIAL_EXTENSION to MTL and using a *.MTL file for assembling Meusburger plates

#2792 Meusburger Slider E3001 does not regenerate

#2789 Ejector Pin Modify: Crash of EMX if second orientation plane has wrong orientation





#2826 Modify Customer template for cavity plates

#2781 Shoulderscrew E1240 is missing from the Meusburger catalog

#2765 Improve assembly and cutouts of conic head ejector pins i.e. HASCO Z42

#1814 Better coaxial placement of angle pin E1032

#1630 Attach geometric tolerance information to the UDF dimensions in EMX which can be read by SMARTHolechart





#2899 Check setting and usage of BUW_INCLUDE_IN_BOM-Parameter when modifying a part

#2892 ProCurrentWorkspaceGet is depracted and doesnot return the current workspace

#2888 SPR4805522: Unexpected behaviors for spring update

#2886 Enable show and hide of PRYSLOT feature

#2884 Hasco Z012: Detail Image is not perfect and Cutout-Data is wrong for Z012 and Z013

#2883 When working with auto-subassemblies and redefine components with RMB, they are not replaced properly

#2878 Check corepin cutouts in Fix half

#2865 Problem with DME cooling pipe plug BP in INCH

#2864 Trim ejectors does not work when using auto-subassemblies

#2856 Do not increase subasm_id for component subassemblies created with NAME_SUBASM_COMP-option

#2855 Save rename of components when declare a regular assembly as EMX assembly

#2846 When creating a 5/16 screws in EMX9.0 cut-out values are incorrect

#2822 When shorten a Meusburger Ejector E1700 the dimension I2 remains constant

#2819 Check why all SIZE-Parameters are unlocked in BOM-dialog box

#2808 PRYSLOT2 does not work on Cavity plates IS

#2806 Meusburger Baffles E2108 and E2109 have incorrect values

#2805 Meusburger E1110 has no slot in model, but in catalog

#2804 Simplified Representations do not work

#2803 PRYSLOTS2 Features on right sided risers are missing

#2802 Failure when inserting EX|Cyl Head Ejector Pin

#2800 "Use as core pin" does not work as expected

#2799 "Assemble Again" and "Assemble as Copy" don't work as expected - partially fixed

#2798 Screw and Guide holes change position

#2796 When creating a Spr. plunger from Meusburger (E1250) a counter bore is created as well

#2794 Clear all components from an EMX assembly doesn't remove all components

#2792 Meusburger Slider E3001 has wrong instances and placement constraints

#2789 Ejector Pin Modify: Crash of EMX if second orientation plane has wrong otientation

#2786 Plate Dialog: When changing part name in dialog during creation process -> Wrong listing in BOM Dialog, Parameters are not updated correctly

#2784 Cut from side interlocks dissapeared from the plate

#2783 BOM Entry is not correct for the meusburger ...s rails and ejector plates

#2782 The UDF copy_udf for MultiCavity does no longer work in Creo3

#2780 Hoist Rings Screw from Meusburger doesn't create any thread but thru hole

#2779 Meusburger Screws 1200 cannot be created

#2773 Ejector Pins: Modified Height in UDF-Picture and Modified height in solid cut out are different

#2767 Warning "qty_subasm_differs" shows up without any reason

#2746 When changing the Ejector diameter the note value is changed to the length from the order number

#2744 The screw holes pattern has an issue for the meusburger slider components E3176 and E3119

#2534 In Edit BOM Entry dialog set a parameter back to unlocked changes the value to default only after restarting dialog

#2515 Dimensions for the inch screws are not converted to the US format No1, No2 etc. when showing the drop down menu

#2299 Nominal dimensions defined in the Component editor cannot be changed afterwards when assembling the library component

#2297 When loading a moldbase defined with the supplier data meusburger_2008 the system switches the supplier to hasco when trying to edit a component from the Moldbase definition dialog with the RMB

#2292 Components are not set correctly on the simplified representations

#2103 When changing reference offset of cavity plates, clamping screw length is calculated wrong

#2084 When editing an old EMX 7.0 cooling component (e.g. Hasco Z81) with the EMX 8.0 version the Cut is not identified properly

#870 SPR2204812: After changing the assemble reference when modifying library component, the modification doesn't work while preview is correct





#2382 Following HASCO components were checked and updated Z10, Z1000, Z1000W, Z11, Z1100W

#2345 Add Meusburger latchlock E1820 to the EMX database

#2340 Add Meusburger latchlock E2071 to the EMX database

#2336 The angled pin used for the slider doesn't follow the direction of the selected axis but the direction of the placement surface

#2265 Hasco clamping plates K10 have the locating depth cut dimension set on 4.05 and this should be 4.0

#2210 Add ejector fixing plates and stripper plates as p-type in hasco all sizes

#2202 Redefine all blade ejector UDFs with Radii to avoid regeneration errors if radii-references (edges) are missing

#2189 Add DRAFT to the COOL_ORING_BORE and COOL_ORING_CB UDFs according to HASCO settings.

#2188 Knarr Ejector pins are missing the options AUTO_LENGTH and AS_COREPIN

#2166 Meusburger corepin plates are missing

#2073 All assemblies should be hidden in BOM when switching the config option EMX_HIDE_ASSEMBLIES_IN_BOM to YES

#2064 Consider Tubular Dowels in Component Status with Screws, no longer with Equipment

#2060 The library component will flip side when modify it with a negative value

#2014 Add tubular dowels from supplier Progressive

#1963 Assemble new components when the reference sketched point was manually updated

#1931 Cannot display symbol of return pin on the drawing of moving clamp plate

#1846 Meusburger guide component E1060 is not available when trying to assemble ejector guidance from Moldbase Definition Dialog

#1821 Assemble Component and cuts near to a selected contour

#1820 Allow the screws to be assembled normal to the thread surface

#1818 Allow the user to remove the prefix from the options and create a project only with postfix

#1814 Slider pin E1032 cannot be assembled on an angled axis

#1810 Check three plate extension bushings TEB-0001

#1791 Improve the user experience within the technology color dialog

#1779 Remove unused DTM-planes in template ejector_.prt

#1760 Meusburger cooling plug E2072 is missing some diameter values

#1752 Add missing TEB0001-component

#1749 The patterns in the insulation plates 1402, 1403, 1407 and 1408 for guide and screw cuts are incorrect

#1747 Allow the user to hide the annoying message "Model name already in use."

#1727 Some of the meusburger plates have in the configuration the pryslot2 but this cannot be activated

#1724 Check important config.pro option during EMX startup and print warning if values affect EMX

#1721 Hole diameter for UDF ejp_cb_fix1_2 is not available as a parameter

#1718 Show radii of ejector pins and their placement angle in preview

#1687 Meusburger plates material settings are missing the proper materials from the materials folder

#1685 Insulation plates have white edges when assembled in Creo 2.0 and are not visible

#1635 When modifying a component and the new name exist in session use existing model

#1421 Add new column for plate feature tolerances in feature_data.txt

#1415 Plate F080 from Meusburger lacks the pry slots information

#1409 Remove check mark for the setting "Keep size and model data" to avoid loading the false moldbases

#1402 Improving user experience in the Library assemble dialog

#1367 Update wear plates E3024, E3026, E3030, E3027, E3032, E3034 from Meusburger in the EMX catalog

#1290 In the classification dialog, the two checkboxes at the bottom of the dialog are not persistent

#1289 When starting a new project the opening sequence ends in the MODEL tab rather than the EMX GENERAL tab

#1285 Entries for bore_cooling.cfg are missing

#1247 Activate the "Copy Drawings" option also when a drawing with the instance name of the current component is present in the template folder

#1246 Create a new config option to define for which components should have the create drawing option selected when the drawing exists

#1240 Remove warning if configuration/templates/view_layer_template was not found

#1239 Show in BOM Drawing symbols in drawing mode too, and show the proper symbol when the ballon is missing

#1233 Implement Fibro standard parts 202.21, 2021.46, 2051.32, 206.71, 206.72, 2061.44 into the EMX database

#1215 Improve usage of ejector pin sketches in predefine mode

#1179 Predefine reference pattern for custom component

#1040 Due to the setting of NR_DIGITS_COMMON I save the bore-files commonly with 3 digits ... for inch parts this is not enough, so the bore data i.e. for screws is not read properly

#1036 Unable to add user-defined parameter in EMX Bill of Material.

#1015 Enable placement of balloons with different arrow end options

#895 Allow placement of angled components (right now the cuts are still defined normal to the plane!)

#875 Is it possible to add option "toggle direction" for library component?

#783 For all threads in EMX the selected nominal value should be written as text in the dialog

#759 Add a button "Save Instance" to the Library Component Dialog to be able to save the current settings into the *.dat file

#743 Its not possible the define preload for a spring




#2424 When clicking on the column with the model name in the BOM the lines are not correctly sorted

#2423 When retrieving stored moldbases, dont modify instances for guide components with wrong inner dia

#2410 For specific components the outline size is calculated differently in the BOM dialog and in the Model Size dialog

#2403 Cannot retrieve a Moldbase receipt in Creo3

#2402 Check behaviour for 3+1 guides when loading meusburger type1 moldbase

#2397 Plate Materials are not read from file plate_material.txt. And when they are read, the material is set to the first element in the list even if the current plate material exists in the list

#2391 Component with no udfs hide the udf dims table and picture

#2357 In the nominal dimension table of component dialog preselection of instances in 2nd pulldown does not work if 1st pulldown contains a string

#2347 When using &user_number default value for an EMX parameter, the plates are getting the size value instead of the predefined user number

#2334 If you edit a plate dimension value, either to insert or delete a digit of the value, the cursor jumps to the end of the value

#2326 For the meusburger ejector E1700 the cut is not correct

#2324 Cutouts for inch DME EX-ejector have wrong references

#2323 Dimensions in Library Components with same names of ASM and PRT that are changed via EDIT Fileds are not set correctly in model

#2313 In Special shape plates with the udf "PLATE" dimensions "L1, L2, W1,W2" negative values are not allowed

#2310 For pedrotti rails the guide-cutouts are missing in the D-plate

#2300 Setting the L1 value of an meusburger Ejector ground plate to a negative value changes the Order Number of BOM to a wrong value

#2292 Components are not set correctly on the simplified representations

#2287 Hasco Z811 Nipple Fails when assembled

#2285 Some components do not take on the moldbase supplier

#2282 The Ejector Screw FH placed in the Moldbase Definition gets a gap below the head as it had a washer

#2280 The Predefined screws of the meusburger Side Interlock are not working

#2278 When using "Assemble Again" and "Assemble as Copy" the edited Hole informations are not caried to the new component.

#2277 E1200_ |Socket Head Cap Screw fails when assembled

#2276 MAX_EPIN_NUMBER changes when modifying an ejector

#2275 Cannot place Predefined Components in several Family Table instances

#2273 EMX cannot delete supressed groups from Family Table instances

#2272 Cannot modify predefined component groups after deleting them in the project

#2267 Return pins are not set correctly on the corresponding simpliefied representation

#2258 A certain library component can be regenerated in preview, but not in final assembly

#2243 When defining a new library component, the wildcard for partname is wrong

#2241 Screw with name <pre>_<instance> doesn't change the name when changing length

#2240 Screws are assembled on a point cloud - changing screw length doesnt update all screws

#2239 When changing the length of a guide the diameter is reset to the first value

#2235 Mousepick-points does not work properly

#2232 Define bores in insulation plates (guide and screw-pattern) also as pattern so they follow the pattern defined in moldbase definition

#2224 The flag "IsStandardpart" from partnames.cfg does not set the Flag in Components Dialog Box.

#2212 When running EMX in chinese korean or japanese language there is a redundant column after Size column in Bill of Materials dialog

#2205 Preview functionality doesn't work at the second time or the third time when assembling library component

#2194 The dimensions UDF cool_thread_single doesn't match those frim the picture

#2160 If MATFILE_EXTENSION is "-" no material is listed in BOM for Material-Parameter

#2157 Meusburger component E1100 doesn't work properly for lengths with free cut

#2154 When assembling cooling components on curves tangent to surfaces the cut is not created

#2153 When disassembling/assembling components through the component status dialog, parameter of the components are missing

#2152 Component cuts are not correctly colored if they have more than 2 diameters

#2149 When using cooling components from Commonspace (PDM_SYSTEM=2), cooling components show error message

#2148 Remove common component functions from RMB in partmode

#2147 ORD_NUMBER for plates when changing the thickness to a non catalog value does not update

#2145 Socket Head Cap Screw does not allow to change names

#2103 When changing the distance between plates, the length of the screws is also updated

#2102 EMX doesn't allow to change the screw Length to a smaller value than the Reference

#2096 Inconsinstent behaviour when ejectors are created in an assembly on a multiple point feature

#2091 When switching between suppliers, insulation plates width and length are reset to the first values

#2086 Plates are not getting the correct name when switching to the instance name

#2077 The Meusburger cooling E2110 is not working properly

#2065 When modifiying a component by changing e.g. length, the name of the component doesn't update accordingly when using the instance name

#2063 Tubular dowels dont create cutouts

#2062 When defining cooling comps in partmode in patterned insert assemblies, components are assembled multiple times

#2061 The datum points belongs to moving half will also be showed when display fix half of moldbase

#2033 Renaming project files cannot be done when the project prefix is missing

#2032 EMX crashes when trying to edit parameter with restricted values

#2021 Do not automatically set predefine flag for cooling comps when work in partmode

#2011 ProjectRename does not save MFG-assemblies made in Creo after the renaming was finished

#2009 When modifying the size of the moldbase and use Rails as P-Plates the distange of the rails to the middle is calculated incorrectly

#2008 When selecting a new component while holding the Edit BOM Entry Dialog open the dialog remains empty

#2007 Parameters without standard default value are not considered for autounlocking

#2006 Create Project Dialog is not resizable

#2005 Ejector pin Eberhard 6135 is not regenerating when assembling with a 3 mm diameter

#1979 Change size of customized moldbase. Error "please erase *del_models" appears.

#1978 When modify an ejector pin the surface reference for measuring the offset to the point is missing. Wrong results when changing the point

#1977 Make sure to not overwrite the name value with the standard name when this was changed manually and was saved into the parameter

#1966 When changing manually the parameter with default value &part_id the edited value is overwritten with the standard when the component is edited

#1950 After changing moldbase size the parameters from the modified components dissappear

#1925 Ejector pin only works for one reference model if there are patterned reference model in mold assembly

#1924 Cutout on riser plate for leader pin will not be created if set the option "USE_ONE_MDL_RAIL" to "no"

#1920 Drawing of the library assembly is not copied if this only contains the model with the same name and not the assembly

#1919 The Dimension EP_FIX_WIDTH is not set anymore to the value OFF from cut list dimensions

#1902 Correct Measurement Point function in EMX

#1898 Incorrect calculation of clamping screw length when changing inch moldbase sizes

#1897 Drive feature conditions for clampslots in inch plates depending on the moldbase type

#1896 Instances and dimensions for DME-inch tubular dowels dont match the catalog

#1891 When loading an EMX assembly from a recipe the plates are not renamed by using the rules from the partnames.cfg

#1860 Missing columns in LHSCS-comp_data.txt of inch holokrome-screws

#1857 When changing nomdim values in the component dialog, the following DISABLED dimensions are not changing acordingly to the values set in the instance lines

#1855 When the content of the environment variable EMX_USER_CONFIG_PATH exceeds 500 characters an error message is shown when starting EMX or the Option dialog

#1842 Drawing names of library parts must have the same case otherwise they will not be found

#1841 Meusburger slider wearplate assembly E3024 uses the old plate 3025

#1819 Ejector assemble with offset doesn't work properly

#1811 STRACK Z4310/10x100 cannot be assembled correctly

#1807 The cutout for library component cannot be created in some case.

#1806 Unexpected behavior when adding shoulder screw ISO7379

#1805 Clamping screw ES for Meusburger, size 496 x546 is placed 1mm under the counter bore

#1802 The picture for the HASCO component Z1100W is missing

#1801 Meusburger component E1040/18x140 cannot be assembled

#1800 Compression springs Z60 from HASCO cannot be assembled correctly

#1793 When assembling EMX components by using alternative partnames, the partnames are switched back to the standard names when changing moldbase sizes

#1792 When changing EMX option values these are only available after closing and reopening the Options dialog

#1788 Wrong plate types in strack 346x346

#1782 Support Pillar issues in the dme, dms, lkm and misumi catalogs

#1776 Proper handling of Stop-Pattern type in Moldbase Editor

#1770 When changing moldbase sizes the insulating plates are not updated

#1765 Ejector pins are not patterned on all modells when using several cavities

#1761 Hasco - insulating plate 296 x 346 x 8,5 cannot be assembled

#1751 The option AUTO_SAVE_LAST_COMP=YES doesn't work

#1750 When assembling Insulation plates 1402, 1403, 1407 and 1408 from Meusburger the width and length are set to the first value 96x96

#1742 When EMX component assembled with alternative part name, the name of component is switched to the standard part name when changing Moldbase sizes

#1730 Define customized moldbase, adding stop disc MH, the stop disc MH will be missing when re-load the customized moldbase

#1726 In the Component Editor tab Asembly references the content of the option menu Constraint is switched with the content of the Option menu component reference

#1725 If customer renames the main assembly EMX doesn't find the correct subassemblies to move the components to

#1715 The position and cut of screw cannot be updated automatically after change plate thickness

#1714 The naming of the Knarr blade ejectors is wrong because of missing entries in the partnames.cfg files

#1710 Values for SIZE-Parameter becomes empty when open BOM dialog the second time

#1709 Movement of slider/lifter/latchlock in opening simulation is wrong when activating collision check

#1692 When assembling a screw DIN912_88/10x16 the screw is assembled with a wrong offset

#1689 The varialbe GUIDE_PATTERN_OFFSET_INSTANCEx is not considered in Moldbase-Editor

#1686 Bore screw core diameter are smaller than in the standard

#1682 Add warning if screw bore data is not found. Reason for the problem is for inch screws rounded nominal diameters that do not match comp_data-entries

#1671 After adding screws etc in EMX assemblies, circular references occur

#1665 Unable to read ord_number specified in *.dat file for library component

#1663 Unable to Save Position ID after re-ordering bill of material

#1661 File "bore_technology.cfg" gets corrupted when editing entries

#1646 Cutouts and display for all shoulderscrews is wrong

#1607 When redefine predefined comps, the predefine-flag is not read from the refgroup

#1606 Option menus in table of Multi Cavity dialog do not show all action icons

#1551 When creating a new screw and switching the supplier, the offset keeps the value from 1st instance of the previous supplier

#1550 When using SAVE_LOCAL_PARAM_TO_ASM handling of the file project_parameter.cfg is wrong

#1505 Changed settings to the project parameters file in the working directory are not saved

#1503 Modified values don't remain save in Machine dialog box. It use to work till EMX 7

#1502 When using custom BOM translated names for the components the parameter values are deleted when opening the BOM dialog and saving the changes

#1501 guide SB57 | Straight Brush from the d-m-e inch Interferes with plate after inserting in Mold.

#1500 Thickness of insulation plates cannot be selected manually due to INSTANCE_DIM_SMALLER flag

#1495 Set the assembly coordinate system for the meusburger slider plates E3030 and E3024 to the correct position

#1493 When changing the offset of an component assembled in AUTO_SUB-assemblies, regenerate their owner automatically

#1492 The T5-depth of cooling bores is not stored when changing options. So it might become "0"

#1485 DME Inch Hoist ring screws SHR are assembled within the plate

#1481 When switching between Strack side Interlocks z.b. Z51-0 and Z51-2 the template for the second subassembly will not be updated

#1459 EMX crashes when trying to pattern already defined screw

#1435 When assembling Rails without Component they will not be displayed in the Moldbase definition Dialog

#1431 In the Cavity Pattern Dialog, the Values in the AZ columns of the pattern table doesn't support negative values

#1430 Ejector Guides E1325 and E1330 don't work properly

#1422 If cooling components are defined on multiple points, only the first component is assembled

#1410 If SAVE_LOCAL_PARAM_IN_ASM is set to yes, local parameters are written to the emx-assembly even user has unchecked the button "add local params"

#1404 Creo crashes when scaling the moldbase size during regeneration of the assembly.

#1403 When installing EMX 8.0 new, the first parameter list is not taken from the default text\emx_parameters.txt but from the emx_project_parameters.txt

#1400 Plate offsets of 4.1-moldbases are not considered properly in EMX7-EMX9

#1359 Crash in EMX 8.0 when opening the moldbasedefinition dialog on EMX 4.1 assemblies

#1357 Copy drawings" will not be checked by default when define EMX component even the related drawing template exists in template directory

#1356 Insulation plate will not update accordingly when changing modebase size

#1355 The quantity is not correct for predefined screw in a specific case

#1354 The prefix of part name doesn't follow the defined prefix of sub-assembly when adding component in sub-assembly

#1319 When trying to assemble the waterline as a model EMX brings the error "Cannot backup the template" and doesn't assemble the Waterline model.

#1295 Style State VIS0001 active when starting a new project

#1293 For tubular dowel, transmission and top interlock: If check button no component: cutout are not assembled correctly

#1291 In the Machine dialog, the Title PATTERN DIAMETER in the knockout pattern is at the wrong location

#1287 EMX crashes when "assembling as a copy" is used on inch slider

#1284 Crash when loading a moldbase recipe

#1276 Remove not only SURF-Copies for waterline model but also new solid features in regeneration

#1267 Crash when changing the supplier from Hasco to Meusburger when trying to update the guides and screws as well

#1252 When predefine ejector pins in partmode, read Project Short <pre> from the model

#1251 When assemble predefined components in subassemblies, do not search for DEFAULT refs if the subassembly is no EMX subassembly

#1245 Do not try to set material if EMX-Material-Parameter is "", "-" or "?"

#1241 It's not possible to enter more than one digit in the pattern dialog when the automatic recalculate button is selected

#1238 Additional cut will be added when define screw

#1225 Offset for LOCATING_AXIS is not set properly in the 3D-model (plates and skeleton axis)

#1210 Crash when assembling INCH locating rings

#1205 Change the reference selection icons in component dialog to avoid picture overlaping

#1196 Wrong udf picture displayed after editing udf_data for meusburger screws

#1195 Assembled components are not assembeled into their respective sub-asm but in the main asm

#1183 Library component parameters and trimmed ejector's NOTE parameter

#1162 Path to Configuration in Dialog is not shown correctly when EMX_USER_CCONFIG_PATH is set to a custom path

#1154 Inner diameter of Hasco Z98/ 7,5/ 1,5 O-Ring is wrong

#1150 EMX crashes when open a seccond time the option dialog

#1147 The value of DIM_OFFSET as a refgroup-parameter is not set properly for locating rings when retrieving a stored assembly

#1142 The predefined PART-ID for extracts in Classify Project is stored in wrong component parameter

#1114 Stored PCS-inch assemblies include wrong component instances, so warning: "Old format, please convert" appears

#1095 Hide and show components in the BOM doesn't work correctly for components with the same name

#1086 When assembling library components on CSYS patterns the components are assembled several times

#1080 Ejector Symbols in 2D drawing have always 1mm height

#1078 For mfgs with a family table, the feature might be supressed by family table. So resume it if required

#1064 Show and hide elements in BOM doesn't work properly for summarized parts

#1026 Deleting related drawing for plate under \components\mm\plates, then the plate cannot be load when loading moldbase assembly

#1025 CUT_CB_DIA in guide comp_data.txt for Hasco Z10 and Meusburger E1100 are not correct

#1023 Some components from dme euro (R18) and dme (SB) are not correct

#1018 Using "Pattern on all instances" to assemble customized Latchlock, some cutout will be missing if the instances of latchlock separately intersect different parts

#1016 The value of COOL_PITCH from EMX Options is not considered at all in EMX

#1013 Wrong dims for D-M-E moldbases for guide pattern

#1000 Cooling comps defined in subassemblies are assembled in the main assembly

#973 Creo exit when assembling a specific library component if clicking preview button before confirmation.

#971 Unable to define the default thread surface of clamp screw MH for moldbase, it always be the bottom surface of the plate which is the first one under parting surface.

#970 The defined relation in comp_data file only works when the first time component definition.

#969 The defined option value in comp_data doesn't work for customized moldbase.

#968 The Part Name for cavity and core doesn't following the defined one, also checking option "Rename Extracts" doesn't work when Classify project.

#967 There are four screws locating on the side of S plate when the first time load the moldbase. How to disable the four screws?

#935 New offset values are not displayed correctly after user has edited this field manually

#934 Pattern on all models assembles 4 UDFs instead of 2 when using a 2 sketched points

#932 Deleting library component, the predefined components defined within library component will not be deleted, and the related cut feature for predefined components will be failure

#922 Using "Assemble again" to assemble library component several times, then the predefined components located within the library component can only be assembled once.

#878 Assembling library component with partial constraint doesnt work properly

#877 In the Screw definition dialog of misumi/MSB(or MSBL), the picture for cut out will be disappear when double clicking any cut out dimension

#800 Predefined screws in part mode of library assemblies are added partially in the assembly and partially in the main assembly

#782 Defined component display style cannot be saved after using preview function when defining EMX component

#757 Some errors in the EMX 8.0 templates were corrected

#746 When setting a component as standard part in partnames.cfg, the setting is removed when choosing the assembly references

#739 Futaba FG-Moldbase dimensions are wrong

#738 When using Assemble as a copy for assemblies, the components get wrong partnames

#731 The machine plate FH is not updated after assembling an insulation plate

#730 Cuts of components that hat been added to family table instances are not removed properly

#725 Measure function from Component dialo should be also implemented in the library dialog

#721 EMX_REFPLANE_CAVITY_MH doesn't consider the offset of the plate

#715 Error with the dimension OFFSET_Y in slider assemblies corrected

#687 For trimmed ejectors the real LG1-Length must be kept and not changed to avoid wrong ordering numbers




#1033 Add missing mold base sizes from Meusburger catalog and update the existing ones

#1223 Add missing mold base sizes from the Hasco catalog and update existing sizes

#1221 Make sure Analysis feature for distance measurement in ejector refgroups measures the biggest distance in multipoints

#1198 Update materialfiles and component data so that all materials exist.

#1169 Add new Options DEFAULT_EMXNAME, DEFAULT_PREFIX and DEFAULT_POSTFIX The values of these options will be used as default in the project dialog

#1167 Set default value for ENABLE_SUBASM_PREFIX to NO

#1164 Set default value for SAVE_LOCAL_PARAM_IN_ASM to YES

#1156 Drawings should not be copied automatically for EMX Components, only for plates and library parts

#1121 Add a 4th column with values between 0 and 1 in file color_definition.cfg to define a certain transparency for the tech-colors

#1102 Old plate templates had been stored with white edges. In creo1 and creo2 the models are not visible in wireframe-mode

#1002 When inherite Face-colors of library components, do it also for cones and torus faces

#983 When directly editing a parameter in the BOM, the locked status of the edited parameter must be set to unlocked

#899 Do not clear position settings so dialog boxes always keep their last position

#898 Allow usage of component-specific *.rel-files

#896 Add "Reset Zoom" button in Moldbase Definition

#886 Inherite color of cut-quilts to the cutouts in any case

#884 While calculating the clamping force, remove ejector pin holes from the moulding part

#765 Implement a new config option "EXCL_SIZE_CALC_PARAM" which helps to avoid size recalculation for standard parts  set to any value different than "-" avoids size recalculation for standard parts when they contain a parameter with the same name and value

#763 Create a copy of the ORIGIN_MOLDBASE CSYS from the main assembly in all assembled plates

#745 Allow component specific relfiles (i.e. in cooling/cooling.rel)

#452 The option Predefine components should be set with an extra check button and not through unchecking the options "No Cuts" and "No Component"

#177 Several fixes to the Display of the components in the 2D side view of the Moldbase definition dialog





#1228 Show reach of sliders in preview in the dialog box

#1221 If ejector pins are placed on multiple points, find the required ejector pin length automatically

#1220 Project parameters cannot have values with blanks

#1219 When working with AUTO-subassemblies, predefined ejector pins are not assembled properly

#1211 Supplier.txt in folder sprue_bushing is missing

#1203 Options Dialog->Parameters: EMX Warning appears if no parameter uses "&ord_number" but it is not possible to set it

#1202 The inch support plates using the template plate_3... still have the old white edge colors instead of black

#1201 The Hasco mm compression spring washer doesn't work properly. Update spring templates and data for all suppliers

#1200 Assembling rails with "No Component" option set doesn't work

#1199 Compression spring are not set to length automatically

#1193 Library Component is assembled on pattern even if pattern checkbutton is unset

#1182 Size list dialog remains open when closing the Mold Base definition dialog

#1144 Meusburger blade ejectors in EMX 8.0 need updated geometry regarding the length of blade

#1137 Do not modify component parameter of library-asm subcomponents as their correct values are not known

#1134 Instance data of the Hasco Z81 cooling nipple must be updated

#1127 When assembling components in Partmode no cuts should be created

#1125 Click on the eye in the BOM to hide an element causes hidding all elements in a group

#1120 Connect the parameters CAM_REACH in the slider assembly with the parameter BUW_SIMDAT_DETAILS from the slider CAM component in the templates with a relation

#1107 Button to select the model in the model outline dialog is missing in EMX 8.0

#1106 Pictures in the Library dialog are not loaded correctly

#1105 The EMX Option MIN_SCREW_LENGTH_RULE calculates the size of the screws using the DN parameter (1.5*DN+REF1+OFFSET), but not all screws have this parameter - use display name: (1.5*diameter+REF1+OFFSET)

#1101 The Style defined in NAME_COMP_DISPLAY-Option is not set in Creo1 and Creo2 for both EMX7 und EMX8

#1100 The language setting is not read properly, so german messages appear in an english environment

#1099 The DM1-values for D-M-E straight leaderpin G-type do not show the real nominal values but always 0.01 inch smaller.

#1097 Even when "Add local project parameters" is not set in project dialog box, the parameters are created in the assembly

#1094 Material will not be updated in component editor even if edited

#1093 Allow Environment variables to be used in the EMX configuration path EMX_USER_CONFIG_PATH - %VARIABLES% and $VARIABLES\...\ are supported

#1092 Get the color configuration file color_definition.cfg from the user folder EMX_USER_CONFIG_PATH

#1063 When creating a new EMX project using a previously saved project as template, EMX deletes all files in the working directory

#1047 Components cannot be moved between the groups in the Moldbase Opening Simulation dialog

#1041 When folders "components" and "configuration" are removed from the installation folder, the Options dialog comes up but is empty

#1039 After a new parameter was added in the option dialog under the tab Parameters, it cannot be edited

#1024 Correct german names on text/german/emx_parameter.txt for all parameters

#1020 The preview image is not correct in Moldbase definition dialog during moldbase customization process

#1012 The reassembled components are not the same one(part name is different) even all the component parameters are the same.

#1010 When define cavity pattern, all the input in pattern data table doesn't work

#999 Reimplement PosID Save button in EMX 8.0

#982 Creo crash: Open BOM dialog, right click in the list without selecting a model and then select "Edit BOM Parameters" from the RMB menu

#974 EMX option "AUTO_REASSEMBLE_ALL_TYPES" doesn't work for library component.

#936 When assembling library component, PULLDWON_EDIT dimension cannot be edited.

#920 Editing dimensions in the Library assemble dialog repaints the dimension table but then doesn't allow to edit further

#919 Option "blind_hole" with value "yes" defined in comp_data doesn't work.

#893 The FIX-Half Screw-Counterbore depth does not consider the entry from the size-files

#890 After changing a screw diameter, the MIN_SCREW_LENGTH_RULE was not recalculated

#887 The Material entry of the library-part *.dat-file was not considered

#876 Project parameter which are using value lists from the file sel_list.txt cannot be manually edited

#872 The new library components Gates cannot be edit, if you enter a value, itll switch to 0

#871 When attempting to assemble library component, double click the second nominal dimension(PULLDOWN_EDIT), it will be showed as the value of the first nominal dimension

#869 Other values are disappearing for PULLDOWN dimension after selecting one when assembling library component

#801 When assembling a library part but leave it unplaced to assemble through the dashboard, the library component dialog is empty for the next opening.

#799 When assembling a library part, the entrys in BOM Data are empty and Parameter values cannot be edited

#798 Part Name is displayed wrong in Library Dialog

#797 Unable to use EMX 4.1 library component in EMX 8.0

#796 Creo crash: Create a new project and then click on the Favorites button

#795 When attempting to assemble library component, the Part Name is empty, it is showed only if checking the box twice. And if browsing to another library component, the Part Name will keep the previous one

#790 Status bar is not updated when changing the current active configuration

#789 Creo crash: Try to assemble a guide component and switch between the types

#786 Instances cannot be edited properly in EMX 8.0 M010 in the component editor dialog after adding new nominal dimensions

#781 Unable to modify the dimensions for the Slider in Component Details dialog box

#780 Option values set in comp_data.txt doesn't work.

#778 General problem: Remove an EMX part -> create it new -> Error message is displayed: Model name already in use - Error message will not be displayed anymore

#777 Switching the current configuration in the option dialog doesn't work

#776 The error message about the missing eentry in the bore_cooling.cfg file shows also when the entry exists

#774 The option dialog saves all files at once, even if only one file was changed

#773 The QTY parameter is zero for all models when exporting the BOM to Excel

#772 Change the reference distance for a plate doesn't work when editing it

#764 In the "Project" dialog, drawings are still copied/created even if the check mark for "Copy drawings" is not set

#755 Detail pictures of library parts are not correctly displayed

#751 When editing table values in Component editor, the changes are not made for the selected cell, but for the cell above.

#749 When changing the length of the cavity cutout,  the depth will be considered for the calculation instead of the length

#748 When creating a cut in the cavity plate the option Mouse ears doesn't work

#747 When modifying a screw the pattern option is ignored if one assembly reference is changed

#741 Editing values in the Plates tab of the moldbase editor doesn't work properly and crashes Creo

#735 Defined BOM Name for library component cannot be applied in parameter BOM_NAME

#734 Creo exit when entering Part Name in Component Editor dialog box

#733 Reimplement the functionality from EMX 7.0 to set custom BOM names in different languages in the options ADD_LOCALIZED_BOM_NAME...

#706 When changing the lifter type from "Flat blade" to "Round blade", the placement is incorrect

#685 The relation MIN_SCREW_LENGTH_RULE is not evaluated after a diameter change but only after a new assembly reference is selected

#665 The value in the column "Belongs to" is always set on "PART" even if it was set previously on "COMP"

#664 Supplier names are shown differently in the BOM (only small letters)

#424 Zoom in/out functionality is not working/available in "Moldbase Definition" dialog box




#1143 Ejector pins with same name but with different lengths shouldn't be summarized in BOM

#1129 Update components and cuts: ejector pin cut rotfix UDFs have missing chamfer, Eberhard 6177 instances, cooling thread cut UDF, cooling straight baffle cut UDF




- Several improvements and bugfixes.

- Meusburger and HASCO Catalogs were updated.

- All fixed issues from EMX 7.0 M040 are also here implemented




First release of EMX 8.0


 - The user interface of EMX 8.0 is built using Creo consistent dialogs. This improves the usability and the stability of the software and allows the user to trail every action in EMX.

- New MISUMI Catalog Data in component library. The most "hot" MISUMI components are available in EMX libraries.

- Define your hot runner as a library component and use it directly, without having to create it from scratch.

- Modify assembly constraints of existing components. No need of defining the component again, the assembly constraints can be just modified.

- New Bill Of Material management tool. BOM Data can be much more easily maintained with the new BOM Dialog. No need to switch between Model Tree and BOM List page anymore. Summarized parts can be visualised and edited directly in the BOM List.



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