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file00_library_asm.zip2022-09-29 07:131814 KB
file00_library_prt.zip2022-09-29 07:1383 KB
file00_start.zip2022-09-29 07:1310495 KB
file00_to_cut_or_not_to_cut.zip2022-09-29 07:131290 KB
file01_To Classify the Cavity Insert Assembly.zip2022-09-29 07:1310495 KB
file02_To Create Duplicated Cavity Insert Assemblies.zip2022-09-29 07:1310504 KB
file03_To Identify the Trim Quilts in the Cavity Assembly.zip2022-09-29 07:1313780 KB
file04_To Create the Mold Base Project.zip2022-09-29 07:1313780 KB
file05_To Set up the Assembly Structure.zip2022-09-29 07:1313982 KB
file06_To Set up the Cavity Insert Assembly Layout.zip2022-09-29 07:1314075 KB
file07_To Assign Components to Moving and Fixed Half Views.zip2022-09-29 07:1314084 KB
file08_To Set up the Mold Base Size and Assemble Plates.zip2022-09-29 07:1314087 KB
file09_To Assemble Plates.zip2022-09-29 07:1314101 KB
file10_To Edit Plate Properties.zip2022-09-29 07:1314429 KB
file11_Interlude To Edit Plate Features.zip2022-09-29 07:1314430 KB
file12_To Assemble Rail Plates.zip2022-09-29 07:1314429 KB
file13_Interlude To Assemble Non-Standard Rails.zip2022-09-29 07:1314430 KB
file14_Interlude To Assemble Rail in One Model.zip2022-09-29 07:1314430 KB
file15_To Edit Mold Base Patterns.zip2022-09-29 07:1314793 KB
file16_To Finish the Plate Stack.zip2022-09-29 07:1314793 KB
file17_To Assemble Main Guide Components.zip2022-09-29 07:1314793 KB
file18_To Assemble Clamping Screws.zip2022-09-29 07:1316660 KB
file19_To Assemble Insulation Plates.zip2022-09-29 07:1316957 KB
file20_To Modify Clamping Plates and Adjust Components.zip2022-09-29 07:1317187 KB
file21_To Assemble Ejector Guide Bushings and Pins.zip2022-09-29 07:1317357 KB
file22_To Assemble the Return Pin Back Pin.zip2022-09-29 07:1317959 KB
file23_To Assemble Side Interlocks.zip2022-09-29 07:1318150 KB
file24_To Create the Cavity Insert Assembly Cut-Out.zip2022-09-29 07:1318790 KB
file25_To Assemble the Stop System.zip2022-09-29 07:1318850 KB
file26_To Assemble the Locating Ring.zip2022-09-29 07:1319003 KB
file27_To Assemble the Sprue Bushings.zip2022-09-29 07:1319129 KB
file28_To Assemble Screws.zip2022-09-29 07:1319374 KB
file29_To Assemble Screws on Insert Parts.zip2022-09-29 07:1319575 KB
file30_To Assemble Screws on Insulation Plates.zip2022-09-29 07:1320223 KB
file31_To Assemble Dowel Pins.zip2022-09-29 07:1322319 KB
file32_To Assemble Ejector Pins.zip2022-09-29 07:1320916 KB
file33_To Assemble Trimmed Ejector Pins.zip2022-09-29 07:1322568 KB
file34_To Assemble Ejector Sleeves.zip2022-09-29 07:1323047 KB
file35_To Assemble Shims for Core Pins from the Library.zip2022-09-29 07:1323752 KB
file36_To Assemble Ejector Core Pins.zip2022-09-29 07:1324217 KB
file37_To Assemble Core Pins in Insert Parts using the Option As Core Pin in One Plate.zip2022-09-29 07:1324769 KB
file38_To Assemble Ejector Pins using the Ejector Pin Designer.zip2022-09-29 07:1325007 KB
file39_To Predefine Ejector Pins in Part Mode with Layout Curves.zip2022-09-29 07:1328625 KB
file40_To Trim the Ejector Pin Heads.zip2022-09-29 07:1328951 KB
file41_Interlude Update Existing Ejector Pins.zip2022-09-29 07:1329278 KB
file42_To Design the Runner.zip2022-09-29 07:1329274 KB
file43_To Create a Lifter.zip2022-09-29 07:1334232 KB
file44_To Create a Slider.zip2022-09-29 07:1335369 KB
file45_To Assemble Support Pillars on Mousepick Points.zip2022-09-29 07:1336501 KB
file46_To Assemble Cooling Components on Curves.zip2022-09-29 07:1336751 KB
file47_To Use Mold Analysis to Check the Wall Thickness.zip2022-09-29 07:1337383 KB
file48_To Define Cooling Circuits Using the Waterline Designer.zip2022-09-29 07:1337455 KB
file49_To Assemble Cooling Components on Points.zip2022-09-29 07:1338103 KB
file50_To Extract the Waterline Model.zip2022-09-29 07:1338471 KB
file51_To Create a Latch Lock.zip2022-09-29 07:1339252 KB
file52_To Assemble the Knock Out.zip2022-09-29 07:1340650 KB
file53_Finished EMX 12 Tutorial.zip2022-09-29 07:1340899 KB