First Steps

The following environment variables can be set for SMARTColor to control a certain behaviour. Environment variables can be defined for instance within the used *.psf file of Creo, within a batch file or alternatively for the active Windows user.

Configuration directory

By default, the software uses the folder 'configuration' within its installation directory.
It is possible and recommended but not mandatory to point to an alternative folder using the following environment variable:

Value: directory path containing configuration folders

Within your batch script for instance:
set SC_USER_CONFIG_PATH=C:\Program Files\buw\SMARTColor\my_custom_configuration

The custom configuration directory does not have to be located within the installation folder.

Administration mode

When the application is started in administration mode, there are additional buttons
presented within the group 'Administration' located in the SMARTColor ribbon tab:

Set the following environment variable:
If this variable is either not present or its value differs from "TRUE", then the administration mode won't be activated.

Consumer mode

When the application is started in consumer mode only commands will be available, which do not manipulate the model colors. Therefore, color analysis and downstream funtionalities are accessible. These are:

Set the following environment variable:
If this variable is either not present or its value differs from "TRUE", then the consumer mode won't be activated.
If this mode is activated in combination with the administration mode, the consumer mode will dominate and no administrator commands are shown.

Language for contents

Multilingual labels and descriptions can be assigned to definitions like colors or rules in order to present all textual contents within the SMARTColor user interface in the language the user expects. This environment variable can be used to pre-define the suitable language for each client. There are multiple levels for determining the content language, which are performed from top to down as follows:

Set the following environment variable:

Get started

If the software was installed using the setup.exe and the usage of a demo license code was chosen, SMARTColor gets automatically registered and started in Creo Parametric.
Otherwise you have to register the application manually for instance by referencing a protk.dat file within your The following tab will be entered into the ribbon:

Further remarks:

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